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In Kahlo's Words

Krysia: Hi, Kahlo.

Kahlo: Hi, mama.

Krysia: We've been talking about starting a YouTube channel for a little while so we could show people how much we love to cook together and what we learn from food. Now that we're going to get started, how do you feel about it?

Kahlo: I don't want to just do a show about cooking. I want to make slime. Because no one on YouTube Kids does shows about kitchens!

Krysia: I'm not even sure that's true, lovebug! But you and me? We've made empanadas together... pizza... chicha morada....we've made so many things! We made a pretty delicious banana bread just the other day. That was fun, wasn't it? (She nods.) What kind of food do you most want to make next?

Kahlo: I would like to make a cherry cake with some whip cream and one little cherry on each part of the whip cream. Oh, only on the top though. I would also put little words in pink frosting on top. It would say "Happy Valentine's Day" for Valentine's Day.

Krysia: That sounds pretty delicious and like it would be a fun recipe to make. Let's plan on that for a Valentine's episode. So, I'm curious. What do you think learning about food and cooking can teach people?

Kahlo: We learn how to cook because it's important to learn how to cook when you grow up. It teaches you how to make different things you didn't know how to make when you were a kid. You use a recipe and get all the ingredients that are in the list that you make the food with. We use spoons and cups to measure and then we mix everything in bowls. Then you cook it. But you don't cook cakes. You bake them in the oven. It really teaches you how to cook things and learn things you didn't know.

Krysia: Like, maybe, where food even comes from? (She nods and smiles.) Where do potatoes come from?

Kahlo: Peru!

Krysia: And tomatoes?

Kahlo: Peru!

Krysia: Cacao trees?

Kahlo: Mmm choc-o-late! Peru!

Krysia: And your favorite? Quinoa?

Kahlo: Peru!

Krysia: Are you excited to show people how we cook?

Kahlo: Yes!

Krysia: Who's my most favorite person in the whole wide world?

Kahlo: Me!

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