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Chupe de camarones, a beloved Peruvian soup

Once upon a time, I hated seafood. My father used to say to me that it wasn't possible that I was his child if I didn't love seafood, as my father is from a coastal city of Peru called Chimbote. Like my father, I also grew up in a coastal town in New England, Boston, and so I grew to like the flavor of lobster (barely), crab cakes (yum!) and clam chowder but could barely swallow the clams. Perhaps it was the texture of certain things, and certainly the smells of certain things (how could my mother eat anchovies out of a can?), but it would take time for me to develop my palate before I could really appreciate most seafood. In my 20s, while living in the Bay Area of California, I tasted my fi

Our right to food

When Kahlo was an infant I sought out to tell her bedtime stories not only to help her fall asleep but to also give her a sense of history and of morals, particularly about our relationships, which includes our relationship to food and the hands that grow it. Sometimes I made them up, but on one particular day I found a video (I referenced before!) that told about the Origins of Quinoa, which became one of our regular bedtime stories. It is an Aymara tale, the Aymara are an indigenous people of Peru and Bolivia, and it tells the story of how the stars gifted quinoa to the people to sustain us. Since then I have thought more about what it means to be given the gift of food, to be fed, to be s


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